Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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URBANA PAX and feelings

I can not describe how I felt last Thursday ...
The day began like any other: rising at about 9 clock, to work: things cleaned up, computer work, translating Renuiaos, (Laura and I do our best to all the documents that we receive from PAX URBANA CIED and have bored to eat ...), and translate in German. If
arrive then the clock against 14 young people, is there usually more to do.
Thursday and Friday we have recently launched a new youth group (this time it is really only up to 18 years), the project ESCOLA (school) CIED belong. These are set to February period, a project on the legs, which they conduct themselves and earn money. At the moment we
help them in finding the direction: art, music, dance, sports ...
A second group of ESCOLA CIED has morning classes. They will also create projects, but are CIED presented. The best are then provided with capital grants from CIED with young people on their feet. These do deserve the opportunity to make money - depends all of the class of the project.
But back to this Thursday ... Laura's and my criticism is that you can do much more - more samples, learn more, start more intervention on the road to peace, to bring more discipline and purpose in the group ... On this day we were confirmed and I am glad that I, as a novice and ignorant, which did not have to respond on its own.
After a "dressing down" was then talking about peace. Because if you protested for something, you should always talk about it, be united.
I would not have expected there to have their say can, but really - I understand the opinions and theories, could formulate my own and sit down with one of the group alone and continue our thoughts ... He could always doubted, for the word "Inner peace" never really defined until we by examples, comparisons between cultures (which was just by my nationality) came up with something that believe it, so I at least, a bit has continued to be related: The Inner peace is constantly redefined, in that we define ourselves again, to know ourselves and set our standards and values. Perhaps
you can not follow me right, but it takes too long to write down everything preceding this meeting.
In any case, all that incredible.
Now I hope only that we go there and not fall back into the old rut of "Daherschluderns.
to my everyday life: It always takes more visibility.
I find my place in the family, at work and the "Friends" is also larger.
sport plays its significant role. I'm going to play two or three times a week tennis - well, it's more free lessons -.. A friend of my father (who says he is more my friend because he can talk to me about many things And he is right He gives me lots of tips and hints, I will strengthen the rue ;. disutiert and bridges with me about God and the world's relationship with Luiz is just incredible and I want to miss a single second
with my mother, I see myself as well as very good and she talks to me about their problems. and helps me in many situations:
an example. I can not decide if I should spend my vacation in the south of Brazil or the Amazon latter is expensive and a trip to AFS, to the south I would go with Laura and Lucas to a Brazilian friend Elias ... She told me many things: what they prefer, what they prefer as Gringo, would that I should listen to my heart, even though I am a rational person (which is the exact opposite) and to the will of God money is to stay out of the decision. They discovered my error, my quirks and takes me back to earth.
My silly sister and I around a lot, help each other as regards the learning and exercise, stick together, and so slowly because I take the place of the big sister.
My brother Lucas and I are more on one level, what the terms - even if we do not take soooo much with each other).
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I go to the gym ... In order to answer all the questions now at last
No, I do it because just for fun and fitness sake, and I will not be able to keep my level. The photos I will add soon to be explained why.
The people there are, however, lonely peak and there have also been able to find some friends.
When I have time I go by the way also to the gym and swimming.
There are four Clubs here in Rio: Vascu, Botafogo, Flamengo and Fluminense FLU is my family and the place where I do all this. Flamengo is much much much better and bigger, especially the gym, where trained JADE BARBOSA ... Unfortunately I have to pay for it and am not sure if I want to train properly this year ....
photos coming soon!


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